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In The Past
Some of you will know that I used to design and sew (by hand) mohair teddy bears for collectors. Don't get excited, I'm not making bears again, I just went through old photos and scanned them as Kerry wanted to see some.

Anchors Aweigh 1999
Anchors Aweigh 1999 Art of the Bruin in Melbourne. Ted in a sailor shirt holding a toy boat.

Grandma's Attic 1999
Grandma's Attic 1999 Art of the Bruin, Melbourne. Distressed hand painteed round box with antique lace doilies, a handmade tassel and an ancient looking (but actually new) bear.

Hydrangea 1999
Hydrangea 1999 Art of the Bruin. Melbourne. Open mouthed pastel hand dyed mohair bear in a distressed wicker basked surrounded by hydrangeas.

Family Photo 2000
Family Photo 2000 Art of the Bruin. Papa, Mama (in her pearls of course) and babe in arms, posing for a family photo.

Favourite Toys 2000
Favourite Toys 2000 Art of the Bruin. Pastel hand dyed mohair body (my kitchen was always a mess from dying mohair) with a teddy and jack-in-a-box. My Aunty Edna made the wooden boxed and used piano wire for the springs. She probably caught a few in the face during testing. Thank you Aunty Edna :o)

Great Aunt Antonia 2000
Great Aunt Antonia 2000 Art of the Bruin. Grand old dame with leather trapunto paws and feet and a wild hat. Not a good photo of her.

Group Hug 2000
Group Hug 2000 Art of the Bruin. 17 inch bear with needle sculpted brow bones and trapunto leather paw pads with two little friends.

O Wise One 2000
O Wise One 2000 Art of the Bruin. This is a big bear, maybe 22 inches. He is wearing a tatty leather cloak with vintage gold chains (otherwise known as an art deco necklace), and a bronze coloured gecko brooch.

Surprise! 2000
Surprise! 2000 Art of the Bruin. He has his arms thrown up in delight as his jack-in-a-box pops open. Wired 'fingers' in his paws, and open mouth with lambskin tongue.

Katie and Her Toys 2001
Katie and Her Toys 2001 Art of the Bruin. Katie wears animal print overalls and is playing with her teddy and jack-in-a-box.

Maybe He Thinks I'm a Real Butterfly 2001
Maybe He Thinks I'm a Real Butterfly 2001 Art of the Bruin, Melbourne. Daddy bear has needle sculpted brow bones, wired arms and trapunto paws and feet. Baby has bent legs to kneel and toed on transparent wings. The dragonfly I made out of upholstery velvet with transparent wings and paint.

Mum May We Wear Your Pearls 2001
Mum May We Wear Your Pearls 2001 Art of the Bruin. Mum bear in black tipped purple mohair is wearing her long double rope of white freshwater pearls. Her two daughters are kneeling beside her, begging to wear them.

Mums Night Out 2001
Mums Night Out 2001 Art of the Bruin. Dad has been left home with the three kids while Mum is out on the town. He is not a happy bear.

Little Oldies
Little Oldies.


Brodie 1999
Brodie 1999

Needle sculpted face
Needle sculpted face.

Clampett..with medal from his section Premier Bear Affair NSW


Grizzelda. Polymer clay claws, leather detailed toe pads, leather trapunto nose.

Jack in a Box
Jack in a Box.

Jude 1999
Jude 1999

Jordan 2000
Jordan 2000.

Jordan 2000
Jordan 1st in his section Premier Bear Affair NSW 2000.

Lucas Bear
Lucas Bear.

Lucas Bear
Lucas Bear Close up.

Lucas First in Section
Lucas First in Section ( Professional Undressed Bear Over 12 inches) 2001 The Sydney Bear Fair. Jointed wrists and elbows, self standing shaped legs with knee dimples.

Willow 10 inches..

Baby Polars
Baby Polars.

Cathy about 2002
Cathy about 2002.

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