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Elisabeth Taylor
Hartford, CT USA
June 2013
Catherine is one of the most amazing artists I've ever worked with-and that is saying something! She went above and beyond, bending over backwards to meet my every ridiculous whim. Her communications skills are fabulous and her levels of patience are other wordly. The pearls I have received from her are better than any others I own. She has an incredible eye and her design work/craftsmanship is above reproach. My only regret is not finding her sooner. Her work has stolen my heart and she is the only person I'm really interested in working with from here on out (much to her chagrin, I'm sure! Sorry, Catherine!) I am very much looking forward to being a lifelong customer. Thank you for everything, Catherine. I've gotten more compliments on pearls I've received from you in the past two weeks than I have on any of my others in my entire life, without question.

Collinsville, MS
June 2013
The only thing that can top of the incredible quality of the pearls I received was the communication and exceptional customer service I received from Catherine. She's a gem! She answered my questions thoroughly, made every effort to make me happy, and she's just so personable!
As far as the pearls, what came to me were the most beautiful, luscious, take-my-breath-away pearls. Catherine's pictures are wonderful, but simply cannot capture the true beauty of them. They will be a staple for me, and something I'd love to pass to my daughter one day.
I am already planning my next purchase, and would recommend Catherine and her pearls to anyone. Thank you Catherine!

Mondamin, Iowa (USA)
June 2013
Received my first strand of blacks with earrings to match. So very lovely and Catherine is a pleasure to do business with. I already have several strands on their way to me! She has such an eye for putting together these beautiful strands.

Braintree, Essex UK
March 2013
Just got my pearls, they are beautiful and the ordering was easy. I will be back for more and will tell my friends who want pearls as well. Pictures and sizes are good, accurate descriptions

February 2013
Having only recently come to pearls I have quickly formed an addiction and I regularly frequent this website. I have bought several necklaces from Catherine and am so impressed with everything about her work. I am totally in love with my beautiful strands and their changing colours.
Thanks Catherine, I'm thrilled I found you!
February 2013
I purchased a Metallic Pale Golden Pink Pearl Rounds with Huge Triple Baroques Necklace. Triple the pearl, TRIPLE THE FUN, AND the lustre, these are just WOW, Thank You Cathy. You are a lady of unlimited talent, You make me so very happy. I'm so glad I found you.

February 2013
She has made me a "to die for" Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set with Welo OPAL Rondelle beads. The photos do not do these beautiful opals justice. When you move all of these different colours pop out, blues, greens, even reds. Just Stunning, I'll be getting a lot of lovely comments with these, and, who doesn't want to be complimented on their excellent taste!!!!!

Darmstadt, Germany
September 2012
I am the proud (new) owner of necklace 1626, bracelet and earrings 2012 and bracelet 1656. Ordering and communication with Catherine was a delight, the "merchandise" is absolutely beautiful - very well made and exactly as described. I couldn't be more pleased. Thank you very much again!!!

Of course I'll keep looking :-)

July 2012
Ordering was a breeze. My choice of necklace strand and some possible earring matches were photographed together and emailed to me within hours of making contact. Catherine is a fantastic photographer, and my order of white metallic rounds was every bit as good as the photos.

July 2012

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