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Kerry Hall.
Victoria, Australia.
May 2010
These are VERY special freshwater pearls with gorgeous unusual colours and superb lustre. I've never seen anything like them before. The glowing colours are gold, green (yes green!), rose, pink, purple, copper and pewter. They look fabulous on even though I say so myself!! ***I think these must be the golden coins at the end of the rainbow*** I see that Cathy has another necklace like mine and now some earrings....treat yourself!

Valerie Murray
Uxbridge, Ontario way up north in Canada
May 2010
I'm gobsmacked, speechless, astounded! Two gorgeous copper rose necklaces & matching earrings; stunning fat and heavy baroque pearl necklace and #1399 - what can I say - unique, one of a kind, magnificent - I feel like a goddess wearing this one! Thank you dear Cathy - doesn't thank you seem so trivial in the face us such beauty? But, thank you girlfriend! xoxoxox

April 2010
I love that Catherine has pearls that are very different from the others. Her character pearls are shimmering and lustrous looking. I finally managed to get a strand after a long wait because they are always sold out before I get to them. They look even better in real life. Also most of her pearls are undyed. I have learnt alot from Catherine who is willing to answer all my questions. Thanks again and I look forward to more of your character pearl strands.

Kerry Hall.
Victoria, Australia.
April 2010
This is a very unusual necklace, big and bold yet pretty and feminine at the same time! Cathy described it as 'A Study in Pinks' and the many subtle variations of lustrous and shimmering pinks are beautiful. The thick belly drilled keshi are FABULOUS pearls, super smooth, super shiny and very different. I'm so appreciative that Cathy can source many kinds of pearls and work her magic in turning them into stunning designer pieces. How lucky we pearl lovers are to have our dear talented Catherine :) Mmmm that's the funny thing about 'Cardellini-itis', the symptoms only worsen as time goes on..........

March 2010
the pearls are so beautiful and I am so happy with my choice - and they arrived in 2 days!!

Also impressive is Catherine - her the attentive communication,eye for detail and beautiful creations.

Many thanks Catherine, I am so pleased I found you and your site!

very best wishes

Joanne McDonald
Redland Bay
February 2010
Kerry is so right about Metallic Pearls, they are so eye-catching. People stop me in the street to comment on them. I have Cathy's cards on hand because everyone wants them. I bought the "Super Metallic Oval with Rolled Gold longer Necklace and Earring set". Cathy offered superb service and went the extra mile {as usual} to find and make the matching bracelet. Just beautiful. I'm another one who quite happily has 'Cardellini-itis'. Thanks for the very apt name, Jackie.

Kerry Hall.
Victoria, Australia.
February 2010
These metallics are very special pearls, their mirror lustre is incredible and they look sensational next to the skin. I love their responsiveness to different light conditions, almost as if they're alive! The metallics are even better in the flesh than in Cathy's excellent photos. Pearls with metallic lustre are uncommon, especially at reasonable prices! Thank you dear Cathy for making these beauties available to us :)

By the way Jackie, there is no treatment for 'Cardellini-itis'. I've had it for over two years now......and have no wish to be cured!!

Malta (Europe)
February 2010
It's confirmed...I suffer from a condition known as Cardellini-itis!! I just have to visit this site every day. Catherine you're marvellous - you do beautiful things, you treat us like old friends and really go out of your way to keep us happy - I know! I have a confession to make. You know the ones I told you I plan on giving as gifts? Well I'm wearing them in the meantime! I wear a different on every day. I just love your pearls. God bless!

Darwin NT Australia
January 2010
Thank you Isabella for your lovely feedback, you put a smile on my face. To answer your question.. If I have more of the pearls in question I can make another, but I do buy small amounts. It is always worth asking, pop me an email and I'll see if I have more.

Isabella Owen
Griffith NSW
January 2010
What a delight your site is. I just love pearls and wish I could buy the lot. Your talents are to be admired. I have already purchased a necklace & earings and just love them. If items are sold, can you still make aother set?

This has made my week, nothing can compare.

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