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Any opinions?

Any opinions?

Whopping character pearls (which I do love) teamed with purple shades of keshi cornflake pearls (otherwise known as belly drilled petals). the cornflake pearls gently cup the big rounded pearls. I've strung them on Powerpro for a couple of reasons:
They are very heavy.
I live in the tropics and am likely to sweat (perspire sounds better but I'm afraid here we sweat!) on them in the Wet Season (now), with powerpro I can wash them with no problem.
I have to test these (heh heh.. read KEEP). I put the cornflakes all the way to the clasp, so far they are quite comfortable, no irritation, I can't even feel the cornflakes. Even with the weight and these are very hefty.
I'd love to know what you think. Meanwhile I'll just keep on 'testing' them :o)
Thank you: Kerry and Valerie!!
Pearl Size:
13.1mm down to 11.2mm at clasp. Keshi Cornflakes about 14mm down to 13mm.
20 inches (50.8cm)
Handmade rolled gold hook and eye.
Item Number:
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