Catherine Cardellini Pearls

Ripple and Rod Longer Necklace

Ripple and Rod Longer Necklace

Bead nucleated freshwater pearls, the Chinese Kasumi look-alikes.
Lots of lovely deep ripples and wrinkles.
Pale body colour, white to lavender with lots of gold and bronze splotts.
Under the artificial light they look mostly deep gold.
Shape : round to rounded drop.
Excellent lustre.
Strung on powerpro for easy care with rolled gold 2mm x 8mm tube beads, round smooth beads each end of the tubes to protect the pearls. Rather like tin cup in style.
410.00 AUD + Postage
Pearl Size:
12.6mm x 11.8mm x 14mm, 12.6mm x 11.8mm x 13.4mm, 11.9mm x 11.2mm x 13.1mm, 11.5mm x 11.1mm x 13.2mm down to 10mm x 9.9mm x 10.7mm at ends.
29.25 inches (74.3cm)
Handmade rolled gold hook and eye.
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