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Peaches and Cream Ripple Bracelet

Peaches and Cream Ripple Bracelet

A few pearls have gaps in the upper layer of nacre showing the nacre underneath. Still pretty, just not perfect. Lustre is very good, one white pearl is metallic with greenish orient.
Strung on powerpro and knotted with vermeil nuggetty rondel beads which are hand made one at a time between each pearl.
I've been wearing my ripple bracelet for several weeks to test out the clasps. I've had it on all day and night, only taking it off to shower. I've knocked it off a few times when I've caught it on things around the house, however the magnet has quite a strong hold, so it needs a fair pull, I've felt it go each time. No problems with it grabbing shopping trolleys etc. I like my bracelets loose enough to fall over the top part of my hand.
You will need longer than your usual length for bracelets with chunky pearls.
This one has an inner measurement of about 7.5 inches.
220.00 AUD + Postage
Pearl Size:
11.1mm - 12.6mm (diameter)
8.5 inches (21.59cm)
Gold filled magnetic clasp
Item Number:

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