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AAA Tiny Stick Keshi Freshwater Pearl Necklace

AAA Tiny Stick Keshi Freshwater Pearl Necklace

These beautiful, delicate freshwater pearls would be second harvest,
After the biwa sticks were harvested the mussels would have been put back into the water for several years. Nacre would build up in the sacs left by the first harvest, resulting in these perfect little stick keshi pearls.
Soft natural peachy colour with copper to pink overtones. Glorious lustre! Strung on peach silk with 2mm rolled gold beads every 5 pearls.
150.00 AUD + Postage
Pearl Size:
18nn x 4.7mm x 3.2mm down to 10.8mm x 3mm x 2.5mm at clasp.
19.25 inches (48.9cm)
Handmade rolled gold hook and eye.
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