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Now you can add your favourite pearls to your own special pages (saves a LOT of hunting over and over). As you browse, simply click the Add To My Wish List link beside each goodie, then when you click on the Wish List link at the bottom of the page all your favourites will be there together. When you don't want something there any more, click on Remove From Wish List and it will no longer show up. If it happens to sell a red SOLD will appear beside it even in your Wish List pages. Don't forget I update at the front of the site every week, so keep looking :o).
Total dollar amount will be at the top of the page.
If you clear your cookies in your computer you will lose your wish list, otherwise they should be here each time you come back.
If you wish to export your wish list for use in another browser or on another computer, click HERE, this will generate a text file you can copy and paste into the search bar then add each item into your new wish list.
Thank you to my clever son!

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