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Kerry Hall.
Victoria, Australia.
July 2008
Another amazing necklace from Catherine, Queen of Pearls!! My lavender keshi petals, Item 255, has arrived and it's gorgeous. These sunset colour pearls have superb lustre, like little petals dipped in enamel! They are exquisite and a perfect match for my petals bracelet. ~My grateful thanks once again lovely Cathy for the beautiful pearls and fantastic service~ from Kerry.

Scottsdale, Arizona
July 2008
I absolutely love the necklace that recently arrived from Cathy! The pearls are exquisite and Cathy's workmanship is just perfect. I really like being able to buy pearls that aren't exactly perfectly round, but that have such beautiful luster. They are just right for me. Cathy is ever patient with me as she cheerfully puts together yet another custom piece for me. Shipping from Australia to the US is quick - items arrive in about a week. If you see something you like, don't hesitate to buy from Cathy. Beware - very tempting pics.

Dallas TX, USA
July 2008
Hi, Cathy,
The pearl rope and earrings arrived today (in only 1 week!!) and they are fabulous!! I love the length, and appreciate so much your putting two necklaces together to make this strand. The pearls you chose for the earrings are gorgeous, too. Very lustrous, just as you said, and I couldn't be happier with my purchases, or your delightful service. I'm constantly handling them, and admiring them!!

If anyone out there is going wobbly about placing an order, I can assure you that Cathy is wonderful to work with, and her pieces are as beautiful and "must have" as you hope they are!! Do it! You won't be sorry!

Annette Treloar
Frankston, Victoria
July 2008
I really love this lovely lady. I have bought numerous items from her for my daughters, son's partners, mum, and myself. Cathy is a real artist, and her work is beautiful - quite unique and different to all the boring and ordinary stuff available in the jewellery shops. I love my latest, special made to order, LONG rope of creamy white baroque and coin pearls, and matching earrings - for my daughter's engagement/wedding - I know i won't see anyone else wearing anything like this. Many thanks again Cathy. Annette.

Kerry Hall.
Victoria, Australia.
July 2008
I am absolutely thrilled with my new keshi necklace, Item 460. The lavender violet colour is amazing and the lustre is superb! I'm a big fan of keshi pearls and Cathy's are THE best I've found. Try asking for keshi pearls in your average retail jewellery store and all you'll get is a blank look! Even in quality jewellers I have never yet seen coloured keshi. These rich stunning colours are natural (not dyed) ~ precious treasures indeed! A million thanks again Cathy for my beautiful necklace.
Kerry Hall.
Victoria, Australia.
July 2008
My pearl collection just grew with the arrival of three pairs of stunning earrings and an exquisite bracelet! As always the quality of the pearls is excellent and the items skillfully crafted. Thank you Cathy for the custom made earrings you designed to match my work uniform - they're perfect. And very special thanks for the beautiful keshi petals bracelet, those pearls are just alive with rich colours and dazzling lustre! We pearl lovers are so lucky to have you Cathy ~ you are truly a most precious gem ~.

Valerie Murray
Toronto, Ontario Canada
July 2008
Cathy, I just received item 381 - the most stunning grey/purple/bronze coloured pearl necklace! Beautifully matched and very luminous! Cathy darlin' - you are stupendous at matching pearls. This string is my 3rd and I'm sure that there are many more out there with my name on them!

Phuong Duong
Montreal, Canada
July 2008
Hi Cathy,

Item 431 has arrived, thank you so much!
The necklace is very pretty and drapes really well; the pearls shine wonderfully and have a lot of character!

Thank you also for the earrings, they are lovely and match perfectly with the necklace :)

This is my second purchase from your store (and my third necklace) and it is just the beginning :)

To anyone who has not made a purchase from Cathy, please go ahead... You won't regret it, as Cathy is a wonderful person; and she offers very high quality items at very affordable prices! :)

Leonie Decurtins
June 2008
I have purchased 3 necklaces and a pair of earrings from Catherine and am absolutely delighted with all of them. The colours,shapes and quality of the pearls is wonderful.The pearls are definately more gorgeous than photos can show. Thanks Catherine, I'll definately be shopping with you again!

Penelope Mullins
Maitland, NSW
June 2008
Dear Cathy, thanks for your creative genius in helping me design my sister's special 60th birthday necklace. I love your work and attention to detail and your excellent communications. I love pearls and how you put them together so I will be back very soon for more!

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