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Silvery Grey Round Ripple Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Lisa (On Hold)

Silvery Grey Round Ripple Freshwater Pearl Necklace - Lisa

Plump button shaped, lightly rippled and bead nucleated Ripple pearls strung with little2mm gold filled beads. I tried silver first, but the gold looked very much better. The drill holes were a little to big for knotting. Not as silver white as 2564, more silvery grey, with hints of aqua in daylight.
Strung on powerpro and knotted.
2565 and 2564 have photos of them together.
650.00 AUD + Postage
Pearl Size:
13.6mm down to 10.8mm at clasp.
17.75 inches (45.09cm)
Handmade yellow gold filled hook and eye.
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